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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Ms. Brinkman Makes A Difference!

Ms. Brinkman makes a difference in the lives of Columbia Central High School students!  She said that she, “loves being a teacher because of the students, and the positive relationships I get to make with each of them.”  Her enthusiasm for teaching and supporting her students benefits them as they grow and mature.  She mentioned, “I've always loved working with youth and have had the honor to do so around the world, in and out of classrooms, organizations, and public speaking events for 14 years now.” 

She continued by commenting that, “When my sister passed unexpectedly a few years ago, I finished off that school year and decided to take a break. I didn't know what I wanted in life anymore and I didn't know if I had anything left to give. So I took the first quarter off from teaching. I say only a quarter, because by second quarter I was so hungry to get back to school, I couldn't help it.”

Ms. Brinkman said, “The students inspire me and I learn as much from them as they learn from me. It's important to me to be real and authentic in my life and career. I want students to know life can be tough, but not impossible; that it's okay to be yourself, it's okay to fail, and it's okay to keep trying regardless the outcomes.”

She believes that being a teacher at Columbia Central High School is fantastic.  She said that, “I love what I do, there isn't a day that I feel like I am actually going to "work" and I am so grateful for my CCHS family!”  She continued by saying that, “Since I was in middle school, I dreamt of becoming a teacher. I had an amazing ELA teacher and basketball coach that year, who inspired me to follow in her steps. It's the people and teachers in our lives that can inspire us the most, and I wanted to do just that.”

When you see Ms. Brinkman, you know she enjoys working with students and teaching them English because of her positive enthusiastic personality.  She mentioned that she, “loves coming to school each day!  School is always a new adventure that I am grateful to be a part of.”  Her bright smile greets students.  She is very professional as she collaborates with teachers and students just like the Columbia School District Mission says: “Nurture Dreams.  Empower All. Create a Better World”.  Because Columbia has a positive academic environment, she said that it is especially important to communicate the Columbia Vision to our students, “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow”.

This year Ms. Brinkman was recognized by her fellow teachers and staff members as a person at Columbia Central that has a fantastic impact on the lives of the students.  For her hard work and dedication to the children, she received the “You Make A Difference Award.”  Ms. Brinkman is deserving of recognition for all of her incredible focus and enthusiasm on providing a positive and caring classroom.

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