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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Golden Eagles Class of 2016!

Columbia School District students grow up knowing that they are Golden Eagles.  As we wish the Class of 2016 farewell, we can liken their successes to the strength and swiftness of the Golden Eagle.  Much like the way an Eagle builds her nest; our graduates will begin building their adult lives.  They will add knowledge and experience, like the eagle adds grass and bits of string or twine to their nest.  Our graduates will want to build a strong foundation over the next few years to help them on their way to a successful future, much like the eagle works to build a sturdy next for their eggs.

Just like our tiny eaglets struggle to peck their way out of their eggs, our graduates may experience difficulties as they begin their lives after high school, but with determination, our graduates will move successfully through any concerns.  Similar to the way the eaglets are when they first hatch, the Columbia Central Class of 2016 will be experiencing everything for the first time as adults.  Whether our graduates are on their way to college, the military or to a job, they will have to use their strength and innate ability to problem-solve and pave the way for success. 

 As we focus in on our eaglets, we see them growing and maturing.   In much the same way our graduates will develop over time as they get ready to stretch their wings and continue to progress into a successful adulthood.

Best wishes to our newest graduates: the Class of 2016.  They have been a terrific group of students, consistently working towards goals, which many people deemed impossible.  Their organizational skills enabled them to plan and carry out the district-wide Hope Run and raise over $13,000 to fight cancer, their tenacity helped them gather donations and enough bottles of water to fill a truck for the people of flint, and they earned the highest average on the ACT in school history.

Congratulations to our graduates.  As the 49th class to graduate from the Columbia School District, you have set the bar high for those who follow in your footsteps!  If you are interested in Columbia School District programs, please email me at or call me at 5175926641.