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Friday, April 17, 2020

Mrs. Jenness: CES Teacher of the Year!

Kathy Jenness’ classroom is a designers dream.  Filled with brightly colored frogs, it looks like the perfect learning environment for first graders.  She says that she feels “blessed and fortunate to be teaching in the district that I and all three of my daughters graduated from.”  As she talked about teaching, she continued by saying, “I feel honored to be part of the amazing teaching team at Columbia School District and I am truly a Golden Eagle at heart.”

Kathy said that, “As a teacher I get to contribute to my community in a meaningful way by inspiring little minds to do great things!  Seeing a student’s face light up when they learn a new skill is so rewarding.”  When you talk to Kathy, she beams with love and caring for her students.  Even her email signature says, “A teacher takes a Hand, opens a Mind and touches a Heart.” 

Kathy is an expert at touching the hearts of her students and her fellow teachers.  This year Mrs. Jenness’ fellow staff members at Columbia Elementary School voted her Teacher of the Year.  It is easy to see why her fellow teachers and staff members respect her teaching ability.  When the Governor closed schools and told teachers and students to stay home earlier this spring, Kathy stepped up and immediately began hosting online daily reading activities for her students. 

Kathy’s love for teaching and learning is infectious!  Her students are always working to up to their potential.  She said that she loves her “first graders and the joy they bring each day into the classroom.  Their laughter, smiles, and hugs, are truly a blessing!  As a teacher, I am more than an educator, I am a hug giver, fist bumper, mentor, boo-boo fixer, cheerleader, confidant and friend. I love it all!”  Columbia School District is fortunate to have Mrs. Jenness teaching at Columbia Elementary.  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia Schools, email me at or call 5175926641.    

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  1. Congratulations my sweet sister !!!!! What a blessing it is that you love what you do ! XOXO Jeannie