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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mr. Luppo Makes Social Studies Fun!

“My son’s favorite teacher!” “He makes social studies interesting and fun.”  These statements are in praise of Dennis Luppo, a popular Columbia Central Junior High School social studies teacher.  This past year, he was nominated and voted “Teacher of the Year” by his fellow junior high school teachers.

Columbia School District has a great group of teachers and Mr. Luppo is just one of many positive hardworking academic instructions.  Mr. Luppo recently received the Superintendent’s Award of Excellence which recognized Dennis Luppo for his outstanding performance, hard work, and dedication to Columbia School District.  His dedication to our students, family and staff is greatly appreciated.

Mr. Luppo is consistently working to advance his students to higher levels of academic achievement through careful planning and focus on increasing his student’s educational excellence.  He works to motivate his students by encouraging them to exceed their expectations and their past social studies performance.  His caring and nurturing spirit supports students both academically and socially.
Mr. Luppo said that, “There are endless reasons why I love teaching and love Columbia. What I love most about teaching middle school students is that they challenge me daily to be a better educator. Their needs change on a daily basis, and I love the challenge of figuring out how to empower them to become successful learners. The people at Columbia are wonderful to work with and they really care about the school, staff, students, sports, and our image. I wouldn’t trade being here for anything in the world.” 

Columbia teachers recognize Mr. Luppo for his leadership in the classroom and as an important part of the school improvement efforts.  For several years he has coached the junior high school football and basketball teams.  His enthusiasm for learning in various settings is illustrated by his ability to demonstrate creativity and innovation in his lesson plans and using teaching methods that inspire students to learn.

Columbia School District appreciates the hard work and excellence in education provided to our students in Mr. Luppo’s classes.  The students benefit from his tenacity, educational enthusiasm, and positive ethical spirit.  Mr. Luppo is an extraordinary dedicated teacher, blessed by his various teaching gifts. He is an exemplary teacher who fosters a collaborative environment for his students through his deep passion for learning.  If you are interested in attending Columbia School District, please email me at or call 5175926641.

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