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Monday, July 3, 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

On behalf of the Columbia School District Board of Education, staff, and teachers: Congratulations to the Columbia Central High School Class of 2017!  The graduates leave Columbia Central High School with many memories from their 13 years of schooling.  Many graduating seniors are headed off to college or certificate training program, the military or a position with an employer.  They have a whole community of people cheering them on to success!

The graduates received scholarships from universities located all over the country.  Collectively they earned many thousands of dollars in scholarships.  The students’ academic abilities that have precipitated the awards are the result of excellent learning opportunities provided by their teachers and staff of Columbia School District.  The students have learned much from their teachers.

As they approached graduation, students commented on their opportunity to excel and take on leadership at Columbia Central High School.  They reminisced about their experiences in Forensic science, Sports Medicine, and Anatomy.  Others talked about their experiences on the New York trip or last summer’s trip to Europe.  Still others expressed appreciation to their teachers for special opportunities going to the Holland Tulip Festival , Cedar Point, Washington D.C., and Mackinac Island.  One student made a positive comment on the opportunity to participate in the AP Calculus and AP Biology courses.  A future writer said that he felt well prepared for college because of his AP English courses.  Another student complemented the school for offering so many opportunities to excel.

A future scientist mentioned his opportunity to take two years of Chemistry and how prepared he was for college.  One student exclaimed that she made amazing friendships because of her time at Communication Camp.  Still others mentioned that they gained more than music education through their participation in band, choir and the musicals.  Several students talked about the fun they had collaborating with others in art class.  One thing many students mentioned was how proud they are of earning their high school diploma from Columbia Central High School and how much they appreciated the teachers and staff members.

The graduating seniors have been a terrific group of students who have provided leadership for their peers.  They have laughed together and cried together.  Best wishes for our graduating seniors for a successful future!  Congratulations Columbia Central High School Class of 2017!

Thinking About Independence Day!

Fireworks, family gatherings, and parades; is that all July 4th is about?  As we think about the meaning of Independence Day, we can focus on appreciating the opportunities in our great country and the community around us.   Citizens of our country have the freedom to choose their own destiny.  Some choose to be farmers on large agricultural plots of ground; some farmers even hold a secondary job.  Still other neighbors are entrepreneurs and have enjoyed the freedom to initiate and build a company of their own.  Some of us in America love to serve and work in occupations such as education, retail, or service industries.

 As our students begin their learning adventures in pre-kindergarten and work their way through 12th grade, they have the opportunity to dream big become anything they want to be! Columbia School District gives our students the opportunity to succeed in today's global society. This begins in prekindergarten with cooperative play, learning strategies, and introduction to technology. Throughout the rest of their path to success our students experience music, art, physical expression in the form of various physical education classes, challenging learning activities, and amazing array of technology  opportunities, including summer enhanced learning activities like robotics, math camp, literacy camp, and leadership opportunities!

Our newly renovated facilities give our students an incredible advantage!  Our children's educational foundation lights a path to their future and prepares them for a successful career!  Our students have the opportunity to make a choice whether to continue on the road to college, attend a trade school or serve our country through the military. As we remember the awesome Independence Day celebrations let us also rejoice in these opportunities were given to us by those who sacrificed for our freedom.