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Monday, November 18, 2019

Mission Impossible: Accomplished!

Mission Impossible!  Sometimes as we work with our children, it seems that it is an impossible task to get them to do small chores such as put the dishes away and clean their rooms.  Recently I spoke with a mother of two high school children.  She mentioned that she has worked diligently to prepare her children for college and beyond by making sure that they have the life skills necessary to survive.  Many parents do not want to burden their children with chores and tasks.  However, it is important to give your children age-appropriate assignments to teach them responsibility.

Even young children can help set the table, sweep the floors and clean their own rooms.  By the time a child enters upper elementary or junior high school they can take on more chores that teach them helpfulness and gives them a greater sense of responsibility.  They may be able to take on more accountability, and independence like helping prepare meals, making his or her own lunch, getting up in the morning, and managing his or her own money.  These life lessons will help support your child as they gain more accountability at school.

As you assist your child to make a smooth transition into a greater level of responsibility, you will want to make sure they know that you are solidly behind them and show that you love them.  Some ways you may support them as they become more accountable are to continue to make sure your child leaves the house on time and goes to school ready to learn.  He or she needs to have a good breakfast and an appropriate night’s sleep. 

In addition, you will want to be aware of his or her teacher’s expectations.  Although your child should do his or her own homework, you will want to know about the assignments in case your student needs assistance.  Make sure you meet your child’s teachers.  If you missed parent teacher conferences in October, take an opportunity to drop by the school and check in with them.  If you can’t stop by, make sure you call or email them to get the inside track on their expectations.

As your child takes on new challenges, be sensitive and understanding as you support them to reach for the stars.  Talk to your child about real life opportunities that tie into what your child is learning.  The newspaper is a good source of information to acquaint your student with the applications and ties to why they are taking math or science.  As you work on this impossible mission to assist your child as they grow into wonderful adults, remember you will be able to celebrate as you say, “Mission Impossible accomplished!”  If you are interested in learning about Columbia School programs, call 5175926641 or email

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