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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Reach for New Heights!


Smart!  Often we think that being smart is because we were born that way, but some people believe you can increase your intelligence.  Which one is correct?  Do the differing opinions matter?  Research studies have proven that your belief in your ability to get smarter can assist you in facing a challenge, like taking a difficult class or completing a lengthy project.

When people who believe they can overcome a deficit and get smarter end up facing a difficult concern, they don’t quit, they just work harder.  Often they find that a search on the internet can assist them in solving that tough math problem or finding an explanation of a scientific concept.  The extra time and effort they put in to solving the problem, or opting for an alternate approach can pay dividends when they successfully complete the task at hand.

How can you help your child become one of the people who will benefit from persevering?  You can help your child by telling him or her that you are confident in their abilities.  It might sound a little like, “If you keep trying, I know you will be able to accomplish it.”  You can use this option to help your child: “You are working very diligently on learning your math facts.  Pretty soon you will know them by heart.”  A parent or grandparent can also teach the value of hard work by telling their child or grandchild, “I am impressed with your focus and hard work.  I am so proud that you didn’t just give up.”    You could also try assisting and encouraging your little student by telling them, “If you continue to work on your social studies project for a little bit each day this week, you will be finished sooner than you can imagine.  I know we will both be pleased with the outcome.”

Children like to be successful and have people appreciate their effort.  They can benefit from learning the value of perseverance and hard work.  When you talk to your children about working hard and being diligent, you will want to let them know that your successes have come from practicing and working on something over the course of several years; things don’t just magically happen.  For instance, your ability to shoot a layup is a result of hours of practice, or the reason why you can type so well is because you practice.

Children can benefit from your encouragement and reinforcement of their efforts.  Your partnership with your child as they learn the value of hard work and perseverance will make a big difference in their lives as they tackle challenges in the future.  A little reassurance and inspiration now, will reap big dividends in the future!  If you have questions regarding Columbia School District, email me at or call 5175926641.

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