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Monday, August 31, 2020

Climbing to New Heights at Columbia!


Imagine you were a world famous mountain climber and you were getting ready to climb Mt. Everest.  What would you take with you?  How would you prepare for this adventure?  How would you feel and what would you say and do when you reached the top?  These questions are an example of writing prompts a child may use for their personal or school journal.

Successfully raising a creative writer may be encouraged at home by using various activities to support your child’s writing.  One way you may support their writing is to make it a family activity, with prizes for the most inventive story about using a specific writing prompt.  Many children enjoy writing in a journal.  Help your child get started by letting them choose an attractive journal or making one out of a notebook and create an artistic cover.  Your support of their writing can be advantageous for your child even if they do not want to become a professional writer.  Many careers require that you know how to write well and effectively to be successful.

At Columbia School District teachers work with students to improve their academic success and ability to write creatively.  One of the ways that teachers facilitate learning is through creative writing.  Creative writing helps challenge the young children to become better problem solvers, and in turn helps to increase self-confidence.  As our teachers use their creative writing prompts to assist their young students increase their cognitive abilities, and improve their abilities in mathematics and science by learning to write descriptively.

For students who are working to improve their expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), they enhance their abilities by using creative writing to support their learning.  No matter what their interest is, it is important for our children to become proficient in learning how to write well and write effectively.  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District, email me at or call 5175926641.


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