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Monday, June 8, 2020

Mrs. Burge Makes A Difference at CES!

Barb Burge was honored with the “You Make A Difference” Award this year for her ability to continually give our Columbia Elementary students the attention that makes each moment extra special.  This award is voted on by her fellow staff members.  Barb loves her job as a dedicated teaching assistant for a child.   She said that her degree in therapeutic recreation gives her a special insight to do her job.  She works to be creative and make learning fun for her “Little Eagle” student.

Mrs. Burge said, that she appreciates the team work and camaraderie at Columbia Elementary School.  She commented that the “teachers and staff are always asking others for ideas and everyone is willing to share ideas.” She continued by saying that there is a spirit of encouragement and humility within the staff.

Barb mentioned that she looks “forward to connecting with the kids every day. It's important to me to stop when a child is speaking to me and look them in the eye and really pay attention to them. Everyone wants to be heard and understood and working at CES is the perfect place to show I value the kids.”

Mrs. Burge enjoys working with the children at Columbia Elementary.  Her experience raising her three boys with her husband has given her insight that comes in handy with the “Little Eagles.”  She said that her son Kaden, who was the prince in the CCHS production, ‘The Little Mermaid’ has also played in the band and soccer.   Since many of the students saw the play, she gets to use him as an example of the positive opportunities at Columbia.

Barb also enjoys working with first grade teacher, Mrs. Wisneski to encourage the students to eat healthy.  She mentioned that because they set an example by eating fruit for snack each day many of the students would bring fruit for their daily snack.  The interest in bringing fruit for snack even encouraged the principal, Mrs. Wright, to bring her apple into the classroom and join in the healthy fun! 

Mrs. Burge continued to make a difference in the lives of the children of Columbia Elementary even through the school closure this spring.  She continued to encourage children to keep learning and taking advantage of the time with their family.  Barb missed seeing the children every day, she added that, “kids give the best hugs!”  Thank you Mrs. Burge for your work at Columbia Elementary School! 

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