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Monday, January 14, 2019

Fun Ideas with Your Children!

Columbia School District parents and teachers often work collaboratively to support our young Golden Eagle students.  Here are some ideas to help show your children that you care by giving them attention while playing fun learning games at home.  You may want to establish a family fun time and try one of these creative activities. 

Play the thesaurus game.  Choose a word and let your child(ren) use their thesaurus, dictionary, or phone to look of the word.  The winner is the one who can find the most synonyms.  You could also go around the group of family or friends and have each person take turns adding a synonym that hasn’t been mentioned.  A slight twist on the game is to let your children take turns announcing the words.

Plan a scavenger hunt!  Make up your own list or download a scavenger hunt list from the internet and send your children on a scavenger hunt.  The list may be as intricate or as basic as need be for the ages of children playing the scavenger hunt game.  You could have them find something green, something square or other basic shape.  If it is nice outside you could broaden the list to search for to include leaves, bugs, or pine cones.

The observation game!  Look at a picture with your child(ren) and then put it aside.  Have your child(ren) write down all of the items they saw in the picture.

Play the newspaper match game!  After you are finished reading the newspaper, cut out the stories and separate them from the headlines.  Match the headlines to the stories.  A twist on this game: Take the headlines and try to write a short story to go with the headline.  Another option, write your own headlines.  If you want to talk to your children about the difference between facts and opinions, you could have them underline facts in one color and opinions in another color.  If you are interested in learning more about Columbia School District, call 5175926641 or email me at

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